Our educational program has been refined over the past 15 years through the collaborative efforts of skilled and passionate educators. Founded on the internationally recognised Australian Curriculum, we extensively incorporate inquiry based, real world, teaching and learning techniques that contribute to deep understanding and purposeful learning. We are continuously researching and incorporating the latest techniques and technologies based on sound teaching pedagogy.

Centrally located

From inception our vision has been a campus located downtown and close to Bangkok’s main thoroughfare, Sukhumvit Road. Both our campuses are ideally situated to serve the children of local and expatriate families living in the nearby areas. Avoiding long commutes to school means your child arrives fresh and attentive to class.

High Quality Facilities – Sports Centre

School facilities and equipment are high quality and constantly being reviewed against the needs of the curriculum and latest teaching techniques. We recognise the importance of physical exercise and team sports that are delivered through the dedicated AISB Sports Centre.

Community Focussed

Our parents often comment on the strong sense of community partnership. This is purposeful and is nurtured through high quality relationships at all levels between the school, the parents and the students, by and frequent communication, and regular celebrations and community events. Mid-size schools have the scale to deliver quality while still retaining the personal touch. Something we see as a critical to successful education outcomes.

Digital Technology & Innovation Centre

The world your child will join as a young adult will demand creativity, independent thinking and problem solving as core skills. At AISB this is supported through the balanced use of digital technology and a structured combination of science, technology, engineering, arts and math programs, (STEAM) Purpose built to equip our students for the future; AISB provides a thoughtfully designed environment when the sciences, math and arts are taught to students with appropriate use of information technology. This is directly linked to our curriculum and age appropriate outcomes. The technologies are introduced in an age appropriate manner from the Early Years and the first year of primary school, increasing as the student matures.

Co-Curricular Activities

The academic curriculum is complemented by a wide variety of stimulating co-curricular programs which offer a comprehensive range of sporting, cultural, performance-based, visual arts, craft and practical programs. Our chess program is well recognised for its achievements in interschool tournaments as is the unique woodwork program. These programs are available through the Afternoon Activities and Summer School programs. AISB also offer a Summer School program with a broad range of educational, sporting and entertaining activities on offer. All classes from Kindergarten organise educational excursions that support the curriculum and a camping program from one to three days commences in Year 3.

Languages Other Than English

While the language of communication in the school and playground is English, students are encouraged to develop multi-lingual skills. Thai is a compulsory curriculum subject and from Year 2 other languages are taught including French, Mandarin and Japanese, each language being taught by native speakers of these languages.

Multicultural Classrooms

Families from over 35 different nationalities comprise our school community. This multi-cultural mix is represented in each classroom. It offers unique teaching opportunities exploring cultural diversity and is celebrated by the recognition of many national and cultural events during the year.

Socio Emotional Programs

In the Early Years setting AISB uses Kimochis program. It is designed to give children the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to recognize and manage their emotions, demonstrate caring and concern for others, establish positive relationships, make responsible decisions, and handle challenging situations constructively From Year One the school introduces the highly respected BOUNCE BACK! Wellbeing and Resilience program which teaches children the skills and attitudes to help them become more resilient. It uses literature as a starting point for discussions and follow-up activities

Summer School & Excursion Programs

In 2015 AISB introduced a school camping program for the Year 5 group.  It has expanded each year and this year will include summer school and excursions to outskirt will include students from Year 3 to Year 6. The camping program gives students opportunities to develop independence and team-work while working on topics related to their current curriculum in a real world context.

House System

A house system provides opportunities for students to meet in cross grade groups to foster school tradition and school spirit and a sense of teamwork through various whole school activities such as sports events, celebrations, community service and other activities. The six Houses at AISB are named after Australian flora

Student Management

Student management at AISB is based on the principle that the school provides a safe and stimulating learning environment for all students. In managing students in the classroom and outside the classroom, teachers use a range of teaching strategies to help students to:

  • Understand they have rights and responsibilities
  • Understand that there are a set of rules they must follow
  • Understand the rules and routines of classrooms and outside play areas
  • Develop respect for each other and the adults working in the school community

Our school provides a wide range of services for all students throughout the school year.


Our classrooms are equipped with high quality furniture and learning resources you would expect of an international school. The school has specialist facilities including swimming pools, multi-function sports facilities, libraries and other specialist teaching area. The outdoor play areas are also fitted with play equipment imported from Australia and Denmark to meet our exacting safety standards.


The school operates a daily bus service for children living in the vicinity. We also operate a shuttle transport service between the campuses in Soi 20 & Soi 31. Further information on routes and costs can be obtained from the office.


Students’ attention and learning capacity are at their peak with regular food and sleep, while we can’t help with sleep habits, we do take your child’s nutrition seriously. Both campuses have commercial kitchens with dedicated chefs and support staff. Nutritious snacks and lunches are available for students every day. While we do strive to cater for some unique requirements, students with special dietary needs, other than vegetarian diets, are required to supply their own lunch. All meal times are considered learning opportunities; teachers and support staff supervise all meals. The School has a nut free policy on both campuses.

Sun Smart School

AISB subscribes to a sun smart policy to protect children from harmful sun radiation. All children are required to wear a sun hat during outdoor play. Broad-rimed sun hats can be purchased from the office.

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