A Letter from the Director

I trust this update finds all families safe and happy after the break between Terms 2 and 3.

We are excited by the thought of the start of the new term. Although the shortest of our terms, Term 3 is always the busiest one, as it is the culmination of the academic year.

The holiday is now behind us. Teachers and executive staff have worked tirelessly during this time, to make the changes to our remote learning program. Heads of School and our teachers have recently written to all families outlining the changes.

School Culture: Sense of Community

Schools, like all organisations have their own organisational culture.

The culture of AISB is based on a sense of community, this is underpinned by the events we hold such as assemblies; mid-year and end of year concerts; student show case performances; the House System; our developing sports teams, and many other things that contribute to the sense of community.

We come to term 3 with a determination to continue as many of those elements of school culture that we can. Although the format will be different, due to social distancing and school facilities not being available to meet as a community, many of our events will still go on. For example, Ms. Lori will run Chess Player of the Month; assemblies and Bounce Back awards will continue and next Saturday, April 25th we will hold our annual ANZAC commemoration.

These activities will be adapted to our current operating conditions. Details to be announced soon.

Update: Reopening the school

This the question that we, the staff and you, the parents, are keen to know about.

As of today, we have no further information on an opening date. The Minister of Education’s directive of April 9th keeping the school closed, is still in operation.

I have attached the English translation of that directive, see the reference to International Schools in the final paragraph, quoted below:

Furthermore, international private schools with different school term dates are permitted to start the school semester immediately, providing that they are able to offer instructional models and methodologies in line with the State of Emergency as declared ithe area where each school is located.

We remain hopeful that we will be permitted to open the school as soon as the COVID 19 strategy enables safe conditions for the Governor of Bangkok or the Ministry of Education to permit schools to reopen.

I assure all members of our community that you will be officially notified as soon as possible after we receive permission to re-open.


I want to thank our teachers, our administration staff and our Heads of School, for their dedication and commitment to enhancing the remote learning program. They have worked though this holiday to ensure we all give our best to the students and their families as always.

Parents, please allow our staff time to implement the new aspects of the remote learning programs.

Following this update there will be a short letter sent to all parents in 5 languages this is to inform all parents, but particularly non – native English speakers, what steps they can take to obtain additional assistance in understanding lesson and technology requirements.

I trust that you and your children will have a wonderful term ahead.

Kindest regards,

Greg Cairnduff