Dear Parents, Carers and Staff

This is an update on changes that have been made in school operations since Wednesday 11th March.

Admissions inquiries

Throughout a school year, the admissions staff on each campus have almost daily appointments with parents inquiring about enrolling their son or daughter in our school.

Some of these appointments are online with people outside Thailand, but most are with people seeking to visit the school for a meeting with the admissions staff and a tour of the facilities.

As these visits are usually in groups of two or three, we are continuing them, but as from Thursday 12th March, if the visit cannot be postponed, the following conditions are applied to each visit:

1 If possible, appointments are made for times when the students are not present, either on Saturday or late in the school day when most of the students have departed the school.

When appointments are held during the school day, the duration of the visit is reduced to 45 minutes and the tour of facilities is kept brief.

Classrooms and other teaching spaces are not entered.

2 The visitors are required to present their passports to ensure they have not visited any of the countries on the current hotspot list.

So far these arrangements have worked well.

Short Term Enrolments:

At this time of the year we have students from Thai schools on short stay enrolments, many of them come back each year.

We will not be taking any more short term enrolments as of 12th March, but those already enrolled for a few weeks will remain with us and we are pleased to have them in the school.

School Closure

We have no news about any directive to close international schools and we are still hoping this will not happen.

Our teachers are well prepared to provide learning engagement for their classes if that should occur.

We will supply details at the appropriate time, parents will not need to purchase any additional equipment for

These learning activities.

Cleaning Supplies

We have plenty of cleaning supplies on hand for both campuses.

That is the update for now , there will be another one on Sunday evening.

On behalf of our staff, I wish all families a very relaxing and happy weekend.


 Kind regards,

Greg Cairnduff