The Creative Space at AISB Provides opportunities for creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship through the design and construction of physical objects. Maker activities may come across as playful, even slightly wacky, explosions of inventiveness. In the Creative space our students are able to design and build practical and artistic objects. They are able to explore the qualities and uses of different materials in lunch time and Afternoon Activities programs.


Educational research shows that such facilities provide an invitation to creativity, accompanied by intentional structure and guidance, these activities can be channeled to support deep student learning (Blikstein, 2013; Vossoughi, Escudé, Kong, & Hooper, 2013).


Students working in the Creative Space are blending intellectual and socioemotional engagement with opportunities to develop, pursue, persist with, and accomplish original ideas and solutions in which they can take pride and ownership.


Extension Art, Leatherwork, Woodwork and Design Technology are all taught in the Creative Space