The AISB curriculum has “real world learning and experiences” as one of its basic principles which is applied from Nursery through to the Middle School Curriculum. In keeping faith with this important principle, students in all years participate in curriculum – aligned, off campus learning activities, every year. Short off Campus Trips: Such trips in Nursery could be a picnic in nearby Benjasiri Park, in K1 it could be seeing community helpers in their work places, such as a visit to the local fire station. Day long Field Trips: As the children get older, the field trips are longer. Kindergarten 2, Years 1, 2 and Year 3, take a full day field trip where the students investigate a key element of their current curriculum Inquiry. For example, Kindergarten 2 visit a butterfly farm to support their Inquiry into life cycles. Year 2 will visit an historic house, when inquiring into what life was like in Bangkok in the past. Year 3 will take a day long trip on the Chaya Praya River in a converted rice barge, to support their Inquiry into river systems and water environments. Overnight Camps: All overnight camps are developed and managed by a professional company which specializes in school camp programs, the company works with the teachers on the curriculum focus for the camp, ensuring that the place visited and the activities undertaken, are closely linked to the curriculum. All bus travel has a police escort and parents receive daily reports from the children and the teachers. Camps usually have a Historical and or Environmental theme and they also strengthen collaboration, team work and personal responsibility among the students as they undertake daily camp tasks. The overnight camps program begins in Year 4 with a two- day, one-night camp. Year 5 has a three – day, two – night camp The Middle School years have a four- day, three – night camp.