Readathon 14 officially kicks off on Monday 19th February.  

It is an exciting time in school with lots of activities planned to encourage a love of reading in children, as well as to raise money for people in need. During Read-a-thon the children can ask family and friends to help to sponsor their reading and the money raised will be going to four charities  which support the development of literacy and libraries for underprivileged children, in different parts of Thailand.

Jolly Kids Books book fair – Soi 20

  The Soi 20 Campus will be hosting a Jolly Books book fair from 12th to 14 March. This will be located in the parent waiting lobby and will operate from 8am to 3:30 pm each day. Credit card facilities are available.

Ms Yoshimi Workshops

We are fortunate to have Ms Yoshimi from the Always Reading Caravan join us for a third year. This year she will be working with our students to produce tactile pictures that we will be donating to a local blind school.

The Great Race

One of AISB’s very own teachers has published a beautiful children’s book about Chinese New Year. Ms Emily will share her talent with the students this year through fun and creative workshops targeted towards each year group. We are very proud of Ms Emily’s achievement.

Should you wish to purchase a copy of The Great Race please follow the link below. It is currently only available via Amazon. Ms Emily will be honoured to sign any copies purchased. Click link here…

Parent workshops

Each year we host parent presentations, walking the parents through the benefits of reading and explaining literacy strategies. Your teachers will inform you directly of the relevant times and details.

Family Reading Challenge

Included this year in the Readathon log books is our Family Reading Challenge. This is a fun way to get the whole family involved seeking out and reading a wide variety of books covering many genres and formats.

Great Book Swap – Soi 31

All week, children can bring in a good quality, pre-loved book to swap. Children pay B20 to swap a book. The swap will take place on Thursday 22nd February. Please help to explain to your child that it should be a book that they are willing to give away forever in exchange for another book that someone else wants to swap.

Pyjama Party – Soi 31

This is an opportunity for the children to come together in their school houses and develop a sense of community, get to know students from other year groups, and also enjoy reading with others. During the session, there will be a drink and snack for the children to enjoy.

Monday 12th March Simultaneous Reading @ 08:00 – Soi 31

The whole school will share the same book, Hickory, Dickory Dash at the same time. This book has been chose to be the 2018 National Simultaneous Book Reading book for Australia and New Zealand. The students will participate in activities based on the book through the week.

This year we will continue to support Ms Yoshimi’s ‘Always Reading Caravan’ which allows remote communities in Northern Thailand to access reading books as our major recipient of funds. In addition to this we will contribute to the Baan Mae Toh Tai school’s Library project; The Rajvithi Home for Girls which supports orphaned and disadvantaged children; Liferaft International which support learning centres for refugees in Bangkok and the Noh Bo Academy which is a senior school for displaced Karen children.      
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