Learning Focus

In these years students are given more responsibility for their learning and the home room structure recognises that they are young adolescents experiencing intense physical, social, emotional and intellectual development. It is critical to provide highly engaging, intellectually rigorous teaching learning opportunities which will allow them to continue to build the academic skills required for senior schooling. 21st century skills of critical and creative thinking and collaborative problem solving will be explored across key learning areas. The Innovation centre will provide an ideal learning space for these activities.


More Languages Offers

Students in these year levels access languages offers for Digital Technology, Music, Visual Arts, Swimming, Thai and Health and Physical Education. From Year 3 students can select to learn either Japanese, French, Mandarin or Thai. In both language subjects of Thai and Japanese native and non-native options are offered to ensure lessons are appropriately differentiated.

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Community Partnerships

Families continue to receive regular communication from the home teacher about their student’s program and progress. Your parents support and encouraging their child to take responsibility for their learning, attending to homework tasks and projects is appreciated. Families are encouraged to participate in a wide range of celebratory activities including regular assemblies.