“Our son Taiga joined AISB from Year 1 and he really enjoyed the school until we moved to Singapore. 

When he first started, he could barely read or write in English. However, his class teacher helped him using phonics, readers, and a variety of activities and he showed great progress, which we were able to see through parents teacher meetings and well-organised portfolios.

The small and friendly community of AISB is also worth mentioning. I was pleased to see that the kids and teachers knew each other beyond their classes and year levels.

He loved the school, teachers and friends so much that he didn’t want to miss a single day of school. Thanks to the foundations he established academically and emotionally during his years in AISB, the transition to his new school in Singapore was smooth and he feels confident and competent in class.”


“We enrolled our children in A.I.S.B. from August 2008 – July 2015.  We were impressed by the small community feel of the school, the teaching staff and the familiarity of following the Australian school curriculum.  The A.I.S.B. school community helped make our stay in Bangkok such an enjoyable experience.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank A.I.S.B. for making our children’s first experience of school and learning such a happy one.  All three children are excited to learn and love going to school each day.  They thrived in a multicultural environment and we have loved seeing A.I.S.B. grow in campus size and schooling years offered while maintaining the feeling of a small school.

We hope it continues to do so for many years to come.”

“Learning English through interactive play worked incredibly well! Jojo really loves reading, she never gets bored of books. I hope she will carry on the love for books for her lifetime.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to thank Jojo’s home room teachers and teacher assistants in Y1-Y2 and all the staff of the AISB for their great support and care provided for my daughter’s learning and development.

Last, but not least, I would like to thank Mr.Greg, the Director of the AISB who is making great efforts with his team to make the school a truly exciting place!” – Mongolmaa


“Ilishca has settled well in her new school but she still remembers her old school a lot!!! I wanted to share what Ilishca’s teacher told me today at the parent teacher conference.

She was very happy with Ilishca’s performance particularly in mathematics and complimented that her old school has done an excellent job as all her fundamentals are very clear!!

I wanted to thank you, Miss Zoe,  Miss Diana, Miss Tuovi and Mr Ben for being excellent teachers to Ilishca!!

Thank you so much again , you are doing an excellent job in nurturing young minds!”

“It is now our final week in BKK and while there are many things and people we will miss, AISB is at the forefront of our minds as we pack up for our next adventure.

Our boys have so loved attending AISB. They have grown so much and flourished in the environment you have all worked so hard to create.

I feel like there are a number of quality academic facilities in BKK for elementary years and AISB is definitely one of them, but even beyond that is the community feel at AISB, the amazing teaching staff and the creativity that is obvious the moment you step on campus.”

Australian International School Bangkok

“The boys have loved their teachers. Virginia really opened Luther’s eyes to learning and fostered his love of school, while Helen has been paramount in developing his confidence and strong Maths and Literacy abilities. And I can’t even express how much Rosie has done for Paxton (and Luther actually).

Pax loves Rosie and talks of her often. She is so amazingly creative and has really helped to bring out his love of drama and singing and role play. He has really just loved Nemie and Pi Wilal, as well. And I should mention Ms Prae for Luther. He loved taking piano with her and I know she made it fun for him even though he doesn’t seem to have yet tapped into his piano playing abilities.The boys have also really enjoyed Khun Jumnong on the school bus. I know they listen to some great music and being a bit of a worried mom,it was always comforting knowing that he was driving my boys home.”

“All the staff at AISB have been great. I am not sure how the men in the parking lot stand it, but they are great and always smiling in that heat. Everyone we have met at AISB have been wonderful, Every item I have brought to your attention has been taken seriously and resolved in an appropriate way. We really don’t want to leave AISB, I know that all they have learned will stay with them and they will be thinking a great deal of all of you as they embark on this next stage of life.

Thank you so much and please keep in touch.” – Sarah Barnes

DSC_3832 (1)

“Manriya was in AISB for four years and Meerav will complete his fourth year in June. Throughout their education, I have truly loved the warmth and good vibes that permeate the environment and the positive energy is reflected in every staff member of the school in every hierarchy level.
Over the years, my kids have absorbed so much academically. But more importantly, your school has helped them grow emotionally into responsible, honest and conscientious children.

I know the staff have worked really hard to reach this level and trust me, my husband and I really appreciate it. In my opinion, there honestly isn’t another institution in Thailand that could have done a better job.”

“I truly and deeply appreciate everything that your team has done for my kids. Their experience in AISB has been invaluable.I pray and hope that AISB will continue it’s successful journey and may it always produce kids of an excellent calibre.” – Jasnum Kaur 2013

“I am trying to think about what I like best about the Australian International School of Bangkok. I like the fact that it is so central that the children, and the parents, don’t need to spend a long time travelling. I like the small class sizes, as a teacher myself I know what a huge advantage this is for children. I like the fact that English is the first language for all the classroom teachers and that they have been employed because they share the caring,nurturing and whole child educating ethos of the school.”


“I like the fact that it is truly an international school with a good mix of children, no one dominant group. I like the fact that it is small, the staff know all the children and the children all get to know each other and play together. I like the fact that they offer a wide variety of after school activities, including my two favourites, yoga and Mandarin. I like the fact that when you contact the school they listen and respond straight away.”

Most of all I like the fact that they are encouraging students to be kind, try their best, value education and learning, listen to others, learn from life and be good citizens of the world.” – Ingrid Dutton