Our Students

Diverse Student Population

Diversityrespectunderstanding and Integration. These are the hallmarks of our school culture. As you walk around the campuses you will note harmony and respect that exists between our students. Students commonly have 6 or 7 different nationalities in their class and across the school more than 35 nationalities. This brings the opportunities to learn how other families live, the values they respect and to develop a deeper understanding of other cultures.

These themes are also directly reinforced in classroom teaching, lunch, sporting or playground environments. These are life skills that become essential in the global environment to which your children belong in the future. We are proud to contribute to shaping their character as they mature.

To say that AISB has a great diversity of students it to really understate what can be seen on any walk around the campuses.

The diversity of our students can be seen in many ways.

There is a great diversity the ages of the students. The youngest are not quite two years old, the oldest students are entering the early teenage years.

Diversity is also seen in the wide range of cultural backgrounds among our students. In any classroom, there may be students from 6 or 7 different nationalities and across the school there are usually students from 35 or more different countries.

Student Talents

Your child comes to AISB with many talents, some discovered and some yet to be revealed. We believe it is our role in education to provide opportunities and safe environments where students can push the boundaries and develop their talents without fear.
We strongly believe in the value of Performance. Twice a year children from all classes are brought together in a professional stage environment to present plays and musicals highlighting their singing, dancing and acting and musical instrument skills. In parallel they develop their self-confidence and presence on a stage.
It is not unusual to walk into the assembly space in the primary school and hear classical music being played on the piano by young boys or girls. Year 5 girls have a singing ensemble that sings songs they compose.
Our school sporting strengths continue to grow with the continued development of Soccer and Swimming under professional coaches.
Chess is taught as part of the curriculum, developing thinking, logic and strategy skills. Our students also participate in the AISB Chess Club regularly playing against a visiting chess master or in inter-school tournaments. Some of our students have gained a FIDE rating in chess.

Students also support community causes through the annual festival of literacy called the Readathon. In recent years their fund raising has supported charities seeking to lift literacy levels among disadvantaged Thai communities.

Student Academics

In addition to the standard academic assessments, our primary school students participate in the Australian annual national assessment of standards of achievement in Literacy and Numeracy in Years 3, 5, 7. This affords parents with a benchmark of performance against a large national student population.
The performance feedback in these assessments consistently indicates high levels of academic performance among AISB students, which on average are higher than students of the same age in Australian schools.

After participating in these Australian national assessments for three years, AISB students have been well over the Australian performance average for these grades. Non – native English speakers have also performed at or above the Australian performance levels.
As well as these international comparisons, three times a year, student literacy and numeracy levels are recorded against international age based performance levels.