Our Teachers

It is the passion, commitment and dedication of our teachers which shape the educational environment of students at AISB. Learn more about our teachers below.

What makes our teachers so special?

Qualified Teachers

All teaching staff at AISB have a degree in education from a recognised University. Qualified teachers ensure that they are able to deliver our curriculum to the standards we expect, maintaining the quality of education provided to all students at our school.

Native Speakers

All teachers are native English speakers. Regardless of which year group, we can ensure that your child will be taught by a native English-speaking Teacher.

Specialist Teachers

We augment our highly qualified classroom teachers with specialist teachers who focus on our wide range of specialist classes that form part of the daily school cirriculum as well as after school programs. These specialists cover topics such as Languages, Music, PMP, Swimming. Within the Innovation Centre, specialisation around Science, Technology, Maths, Arts, Media is most evident.

Passion for Teaching

A passion for teaching is at the heart of AISB teachers. We believe that passionate teachers can motivate their students to continuously develop, engage and learn in the classroom.