Throughout the Primary Years (Foundation to Year 6)

 AISB uses the Australian Curriculum as the basis for its teaching and learning from programs.

The Australian Curriculum is designed to develop confident and creative individuals who will become active and informed citizens. It sets the goals for what all students should learn as they progress through their school life. Our pedagogical approach ensures intellectual rigour through active and authentic learning which develops deep understandings and prepares students for sustainable 21st century living.

The core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences and Health are taught by homeroom teachers.

Through an Inquiry approach, English classrooms develop literate citizens; critical and creative thinkers ready to communicate and contribute in the contemporary world. While the Mathematics program develops numerate citizens and mathematical thinkers prepared for the demands of the future.

‘Primary Connections’ a program developed for Primary schools by the Australian Academy of Science is the basis of the Science teaching from Foundation to Year 6. The Humanities and Social Science program was developed locally using the Australian curriculum as its foundation. Science and Humanities lessons build deep conceptual understandings & skills through inquiry units. Through a comprehensive Health program, students develop health literacy to ensure they have the knowledge and understanding required to make informed choices about the health and safety of themselves and others. Emotional health and well-being and protective behaviours are developed through the explicit teaching of social skills, resilience and optimism and monthly focused assemblies.