By the time students reach Year 3, they are usually independent readers and this brings changes in their curriculum and the way they are taught.

Year 3 – Year 4

Learning Focus

From Year 3 students begin to investigate the wider world beyond home and school and will develop as autonomous learners. Students will consolidate the foundations of literacy and numeracy and develop more sophisticated skills to enable deeper learning. In Year 5 Civics and Citizenship as well as Economics and Business are added to the Humanities curriculum allowing opportunities for students to develop as active and informed citizens and entrepreneurs for the future.

Year 3 – Year 4

Specialist Classes

Students in these year levels access specialist classes for Digital Technology, Music, Visual Arts, Swimming, Thai and Health and Physical Education. From Year 3 students can select to learn either Japanese, French, Mandarin or Thai. In both language subjects of Thai and Japanese native and non-native options are offered to ensure lessons are appropriately differentiated.

Year 3 – Year 4

Community Partnerships

Families continue to receive regular communication from the home teacher about their student’s program and progress. Your support in encouraging your child to take responsibility for their learning, attending to homework tasks and projects is appreciated. Families are encouraged to participate in a wide range of celebratory events including regular assemblies.