Hear what our parents have to say about being part of the AISB community

Both our daughters had an excellent experience at both AISB campuses, starting at nursery levels and progressing through to Grade 4 for the eldest before we returned to Australia.

Both children thoroughly enjoyed their time at AISB and took advantage of after-school activities, additional learning services and other many other activities. Both of the girls integrated very smoothly back into the Australian school system upon our recent return and were fully up to speed with local levels and requirements.

Mr Greg Cairnduff and the team created a wonderful culture within the school as it has expanded over the years and the network of friends, for both the students and parents that came from it, were magnificent. AISB and the associations were one of the highlights of our seven years in Bangkok, we miss them greatly and wish them all the very best for their future.

Conrad (Soi 20 & Soi 31 Parent)

I sent both of my children to AISB since nursery school because AISB made us feel very comfortable and always showed us support. The school essentially helped raise my children the way I did. The staffs are caring and well-organized, always wanting the best for the children. AISB is my favorite school, although my children are 9 years apart, I enrolled my second child to AISB straight away, there was no doubt that it was my top choice as they provide a strong pillar for academics and extracurriculars. 

When my kids were at AISB, they always looked forward to going to school as the teachers made activities and learning fun. My son had sparked his interest in chess which led him to compete in multiple championships and tournaments, rooted from his time at AISB and learning from his teachers. 

Parichat (Soi 20 Parent)

AISB is a great kindergarten. My older child joined with a tremendous amount of separation anxiety but the constant care and attention by the teachers and staff of AISB helped him adapt quickly and thrive. AISB provides a home like environment and is like an extension of a family. Both my children have had positive experiences and it is a school that I would strongly recommend.

Ekta (Soi 20 Parent) 

Aseem started her schooling with AISB. As a parent, we were very worried about how she will adjust first time in school, but teachers in AISB were so good and loving. Aseem has fond memories of her first school. We were very happy with their curriculum and ECA's were particularly very good with so many options. Not only the teachers but the whole staff was very good. We had a great experience!!

Ramneek (Soi 20 Parent)




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